Gore-Tex production is only allowed at the factories who signed a license contract for manufacture with Gore.
As a brand license company, Samduk is perfectly managing what is needed to for the optimum function of Gore-Tex clothes and shoes, such as seam taping, design, subsidiary material management, and manufacture technology.
Gore-Tex, comprised of more than 90 billion minute holes for 1 sq. inch, is definitely the best water resistant, moisture permeable, and wind preventing material in existence of the Earth. Its membrane completely prevents moisture, such as rain and snow, from outside, and excretes vapor (sweat) of the body out immediately.
With its outstanding water resistant and moisture permeable function in any climatic condition, it always feels pleasant. There is no damage on function from frequent washing due to its strong durability.
For perfect water resistance, we used seam sealing method for processing, which completely sews every stitch line.
Gore-TXT Footwear functions the best regardless of the geographical or surface condition. Booty of socks shape covers the foot completely, blocks out water from outside, while excretes sweat of the foot out.
Extended Comfort Footwear
This product provides comfort to keep foot pleasant and cool, and is appropriate for active activities in mild or warm condition.
SURROUND™ Footwear
Gore-Tex Surround footwear is a subordinate product included in Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear. This product line is equipped with the moisture permeable function for 360 degree rotation, covering the sole of a shoe.
Performance Comfort Footwear
This product is designed to provide the optimum comfort, and is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities.
Insulated Comfort Footwear
This product protects foot to be comfortable and pleasant, and is appropriate for outdoor activities during the winter or in the condition of low temperature.