Field of
IT Coalescence
The research to apply IT technology such as ‘wearable’ and ‘loT’ to the shoes is in progress.
Research about the Cutting-edge Component Materials
The research for innovation, such as lightweight and stronger elasticity of compound, rubber, new material of the uppers of the leather, ornament, and other component materials, is in progress.
Stronger Standard for Production Quality
We have acquired ISO 9002, as a result of putting efforts for continuous development in every field related to production quality, including product standard, material, production workability, and fixtures, along with quality management.
Research for Specializing Functionality
We are researching and developing the product with the best quality and rational price in the segmented functionality market in accordance with various functions.
Our target is to establish ODM system through strengthening our own design capability.
Fulfillment of
Research Project
We are sharing and improving technology by fulfilling joint research with public institutions, relevant companies, and through industrial-educational cooperation in the field of technological innovation, such as safety shoe, specialized function shoe, and IT coalescence.
Strengthening of GORE-TEX Technology
Samduk Tongsang has the best technique for utilizing Gore-Tex in Korean shoe industry. We currently are operating exclusive experimental lab for Gore-Tex products.
Sustainable Development
(Eco-friendly Development)
Samduk Tongsang has acquired ISO 14001 as a result of putting a lot of efforts while having eco-friendly production facilities and business environment, and is keeping on making a lot of efforts for continuous management and improvement.