Buyer dedicated department
A department is dedicated to one buyer. This department controls any problem which might occur in the entire process from sample making to product release, and is in charge of communication with the customer.
This group of people is the experts with design experiences of a variety of functional shoes, trendy sneakers, and shoes for special occasion. Furthermore, we have more designers from different fields, not limiting to the shoes, to develop the team with more creative and practical design.
Lab department
Products of Samduk are premium outdoor including Gore-Tex, with thorough quality fit for the special occasion. We adopted a variety of performance evaluation techniques for such performance, along with the experts who can work on improvement plans in addition to simple evaluation.
Sample making department
Once a request for sample from a buyer is received, this department makes the initial sample along with the dedicated department. Samduk guarantees quality of the sample, as we have shoe experts and craftsmen who have worked in developing a lot of global brands committing at this department.
Performance evaluation
This department is to measure performance and improve, in order to maximize the performance of the shoes other than the basic quality. Samduk is making a perfect product, above the standard, instead of the ones with the quality just fit to the standard.