Produce shoes of the best quality and maximize customer satisfaction

Our company has been receiving compliments from the leading companies of the world as the shoes manufactur-
ing company, leading OEM and ODM field of the world, along with the pleasant working environment, cutting
edge facilities, world-level R&D center, and professional skills. However, we are not satisfied with what we have.
Instead, we are trying our best to meet the demands of the era and to maximize customer satisfaction by striving for production and supply of the best quality shoes.

What is UNGC (United Nations Global Compact)?
UNGC (United Nations Global Compact) provides the framework for combining corporate strategy in diversified
fields of human rights, labor, and environment, with 10 principles of Global Compact. UNGC is the biggest
voluntary company-citizen initiative in the world
composed of thousands of members from more a hundred countries.

The objective of UNGC in general is to offer social rationality of the company and global market, and to enhance
it further.

The companies who joined in Global Company share the principle of prospering and improving global economy and society in more stable, fair, and comprehensive way, through the corporate strategy and social belief based on the global principle.

UNGC is a voluntary initiative with two goals.

- To generalize 10 principles into the global management practice
- To promote fulfillment of UN agenda, such as Millennium Development Goals (MDG)